The influence of main gas components of producer gas derived from biomass gasification as well as operating temperature on the electrochemical and thermal characteristics of an industrially sized, electrolyte supported SOFC with Ni/GDC anode has been extensively investigated using...

Project Description

Project Description

The objective is to develop a novel trigeneration system, BIO-CCHP, to produce energy, heat and cold with maximum efficiency and flexibility. It will include biomass gasification, a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) stack and a cooling machine.

This approach has a significant potential for the reduction of costs and offers a smart adaptation to energy demands, providing sustainable cold, which is in a growing demand.

For this purpose, gasification systems will be optimized for the coupling with a SOFC, broadening the range of biomass feedstock which can be employed. A high temperature gas cleaning method will be developed and optimized with tests at 6 different gasifiers. Long-term tests, coupled with CFD modelling, will allow to find low-degradation operation mode for the SOFC stack fed with a producer gas from different gasifier technologies.

Finally, a techno-economic analysis and optimization and an industrialization plan of BIO-CCHP will be conducted, including alternative solutions for the integration of cold and heat production with the SOFC.